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Voice Out! is a paid survey and opinion site powered by Stratos Consulting Group Sdn Bhd, a market research and strategic consulting firm in Malaysia that collects voices from people just like you, to reflect your enthusiasm.

Your opinion is always valued. Believe it or not, it will have a direct impact on the workings and output of companies, government bodies and society in general – because your opinion as a consumer is key for improvement and growth.

Join the Voice Out! community today and receive invitations to participate in online surveys as well as other paid research activities, including focus group discussions, mystery shopping and face-to-face interviews during your spare time via multiple channels of communication.

Our surveys cover a variety of current topics; From shopping behaviour, fashion trends, favourite foods, environmental, political and social issues, to everyday concerns. We want your honest thoughts – it does make a difference.

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As a market research panel, protecting your data is crucial to us

Rest assured, we keep any information you share 100% anonymous.We are fully compliant with anti-spam legislation.

You will only receive relevant market research  emails from us and your email will never be shared with a third-party client.

the reward system

Feedback is valued, and we want to reward you for giving it to us

In exchange for your time and contributions, we award  cash, gift cards or e-vouchers from some of the biggest brands around. You may also opt to donate your rewards to charity.

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